What Happens When You Focus Too Much on the Competition?

I once had a manager who constantly had us keep tabs on our main competitor. She'd arrange special meetings where we would sleuth into who they were hiring and why; where we'd all gather around and gossip about their new team photos. We'd hire agencies to one-up them at every turn: SEO agencies, PR agencies, … Continue reading What Happens When You Focus Too Much on the Competition?

What Do Your Community Members Dream of Becoming?

I was listening to Alex Hillman's Coworking Weekly podcast a few weeks back (It's a good one. You should check it out.). He had mentioned that his coworking space, Indy Hall, has a little celebration when a member company "graduates" out of the space and into their own office. They actually celebrate churn.  Sound weird? Well, … Continue reading What Do Your Community Members Dream of Becoming?

Cultivating Community Manager Mindfulness

I've been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be mindful. Sure, it's a buzz-y term But it's a term that benefits us, as opposed to ones that leave us feeling hollow and empty. It's a word like authenticity that, when used correctly, enables us to be our true, vulnerable selves and reap all … Continue reading Cultivating Community Manager Mindfulness

How to Create a Tiered Brand Ambassador Program the Lululemon Way

When we build communities around products, we dream of creating something larger than a product or even larger than a brand name. We want to create deeper meaning in people’s lives. There are many ways to start building meaning around your product, but there is really no more effective way than empowering individual brand ambassadors to run with your vision and to better their own lives as a result. But if you’ve never done it before, how do you begin?