CMGR Reading List: Badging and Tiering Communities

One of the many efforts that we've been working on is creating a clear, standard way of badging and tiering our community members. I've written before about Brand Ambassador programs, and this can certainly be a part of a brand ambassador program. But I'm talking now about tiering all community members in order to give … Continue reading CMGR Reading List: Badging and Tiering Communities

How to Create a Tiered Brand Ambassador Program the Lululemon Way

When we build communities around products, we dream of creating something larger than a product or even larger than a brand name. We want to create deeper meaning in people’s lives. There are many ways to start building meaning around your product, but there is really no more effective way than empowering individual brand ambassadors to run with your vision and to better their own lives as a result. But if you’ve never done it before, how do you begin?