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June must unofficially be Community Manager Awareness Month because there are so many amazing events going on. The two I’m most looking forward to are ForumCon and CMX Summit. Here’s a sneak peak at what I can’t wait to see.

CMX Summit

CMX Summit NYC takes place June 12-13 in SoHo. This conference will center around theory, design, and psychology of communities. I’m currently thinking so much about these three aspects of community – internally and externally. I’m confident that this conference will help me become a better community builder.

Tina Roth Eisenberg

tina roth eisenberg quote

I want to be Tina Roth Eisenberg when I grow up, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. She runs four “side-projects turned businesses”, all of which are centered around design or community in some way. I first heard of her work through Creative Mornings, global meet ups that happen in 25+ cities around the world. They bring together creative people, ideas, coffee, and pastries (all things I adore). Tina is an inspiring community professional, but – even more than that – she is a symbol of what it means to find meaningful work, your calling, your purpose, and to go after what is uncertain and scary.

Lauren Perkins

I learned about Perks Consulting when Lauren was announced as a CMX speaker. Lauren Perkins is a founder, writer, and educator, three professions I deeply respect and admire. She’ll be talking about the business value of community. I’ve learned as of late that the business value of community really depends on the business itself believing in community first and foremost. But I can’t wait to hear from someone on the ground, working with founders and entrepreneurs.

Morgan Evans

Morgan Evans is Etsy’s values and impact lead. From what I understand, her job is all about getting crafters and artists together and spreading their stories within and outside the Etsy network. Morgan created the Etsy teams handbook (I’ve worked with some Etsy teams, and they were FANTASTIC and deeply engaged). I also loved this quote from Morgan on Mashable back in 2012:

“Encourage members of your community to meet up with one another and form teams based around shared interests or a common location. Help these groups get the tools they need (educational material, access to meeting space, etc.) to become successful grassroots organizations. Promoting these peer networks is an excellent way to jumpstart engagement and help people feel supported by and invested in your mission.”

etsy handbook


The following week, I’ll come home to attend ForumCon on June 19. ForumCon will be one jam-packed day. This conference centers around discussion on the web, online communities, and the future of forums. This latter is a super hot topic in community circles right now. Here are the three things I can’t wait to see there.

“The Future of Discussion on the Web” Panel

jeff atwood sfcmgr
The Ever-Opinionated Jeff Atwood at SFCMGR Jan 2014 (via Lucy Bartlett)

This panel is jam-packed with leaders in the community and forum space. I’ve never seen a panel lineup that excites me this much. I can’t wait to see what happens when Jeff Atwood (Discourse), Daniel Ha (Disqus), Josh Miller (Branch), and Thomas Plunkett (Gawker) come together. These are some opinionated folks with deep insights into the future of discussion on the Internet. They’re really the leaders on the ground creating the future of connection on the Web.

UnConference-type discussions

This year, ForumCon is really focusing on the networking and community aspect of conferences (which makes total sense, doesn’t it?). There are a few breakout sessions, small group talks, and networking activities scheduled throughout. Most events you go to are non-stop speakers and you never get a chance to meet most of the people sitting down the aisle from you. I can’t wait to meet others in this more personal way.

Happy Hour

happy hour
Image via Flickr

My SFCMGR co-organizer, Lucy, is one of the ForumCon leaders. So she has extended an invite for all of us to attend a complimentary pre-ForumCon happy hour at Social Study in Japantown. Yes, I’m excited about this. Who doesn’t love a good ol’ open bar?

For more info on ForumCon, check out the site here and also read the 5 key takeaways from last year’s event.

If you’re a member of SFCMGR, you can get a special discount ticket. Find details here or email me!

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