Macbook Air art

I overhauled the format of my blog this weekend. I kept the style the same but threw out most of the sidebar features. In the interest of transparency and authenticity, I thought I’d explain why.

  • People think they want a lot of features and choice, but they are actually much happier without any at all. I learned this from Gretchen Rubin.
  • I want the focus to be centralized around my main philosophy: communities first, products second.
  • The main action I want people to take when they visit is to follow for updates. I’d like to build lasting relationships through my writing.
  • Secondly, I want people to leave comments. I want to engage readers. That now comes within the post itself.
  • I did away with my Instagram feed. It was distracting. I noticed a lot of people clicking out of my blog onto my Instagram. That’s nice, but it isn’t the point really.
  • I wrote “5 Community Truths” and posted that to the right sidebar. I used Canva to do this by the way. If you want an invite, ping me!
  • I added a widget for my SF Community Manager events. More to come there.

This week, I’m also working on a website for the SF Community Managers group because I really, really can’t stand I’d love to hear any input about what you’d like to see there.

Okay, on to Monday, folks!

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