Photo Credit: Thomas Leuthard via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Thomas Leuthard via Compfight cc

One of the many efforts that we’ve been working on is creating a clear, standard way of badging and tiering our community members. I’ve written before about Brand Ambassador programs, and this can certainly be a part of a brand ambassador program. But I’m talking now about tiering all community members in order to give them a clear path towards deeper engagement. Ideally, when a user comes to your site, they are shown exactly how to go from rookie to regular to powerhouse players.

Here are just a few of the case studies, articles, and books I’ve been reading in order to create my own tiered and badged up community. We spoke about this during last week’s #CMGRchat, and I wanted to be sure to get it in writing for everyone’s learning pleasure.


These contain too many good articles and case studies to mention. Just subscribe or add to your reader, and stay tuned.

Posts and Articles

Lots of these include case studies that provide tons of inspiration for all types of communities.

Some Examples in Action: Check out these programs

Books, Should You Have the Time (thanks for the recommendations, Ally Greer and Jenn Pedde!)

And you’ll find tons of other community manager reading recommendations at The Community Manager’s Reading List! Read on, people, read on.

Feel free to suggest others in the comments, or continue this conversation with me via Twitter or Tumblr!

5 thoughts on “CMGR Reading List: Badging and Tiering Communities

    1. Awesome list, Tim! Can’t wait to dive into this and add some as I go. I’m really loving that Mack Collier book you sent me via Kindle (thanks again! You’re the best!!).

  1. This is great! Thanks for compiling and sharing your resources, Carrie. I’d add ‘Building Web Reputation Systems’ by F. Randall Farmer & Bryce Glass. This book approaches badging and tiering communities from an operational and technological standpoint. The human interactions that power these systems build the case for deploying them. A fantastic read. Very text-booky, as it’s published by O’Reilly and Yahoo! Press, but I see this as a plus: ‘Building Web Reputation Systems’ will do a good job of tickling your scholastic side.

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