For a lot of reasons, I haven’t been sleeping much lately. It isn’t the usual stress or worry that keeps most people up. The truth is, I’m 25, and most of it is that I’m so damn excited and happy for all the future holds. I’m having way too much fun exploring the possibilities, moving forward, and staying up late writing, dreaming up schemes, or talking over a glass of wine.

Sadly, that makes mornings difficult. Especially as a user-facing community manager. I wake up at 5:45 Monday through Thursday. I always try to work out or do yoga, then I get ready, eat breakfast, and jump on the train, where I promptly fall asleep and hope I don’t also fall out of my seat.

Being a community manager, though, is no small feat when you’re lacking sleep. After all, you’re the line between product and user. You have a lot of explaining to do. You have a ton of fun as well, planning meetups and events and ways to make people smile. But a lot of it is really just explaining things (RTFM!) . Well, when you don’t sleep, the fun stuff is still super fun, like you’re dreaming up genius ideas or something. But explaining things is NOT easy when you’re working with 5 hours of sleep. As a community manager, it’s your job to care. So you have to care even if you’re really sleepy (seriously).

So how do I deal? I mean, the obvious answer would be “Sleep more, Carrie. You’re dumb. Really, really dumb.” But that’s too obvious. Plus, it doesn’t take into account that I’m having a fabulous time staying up until 2 AM. So here we go:

  1. Take naps. I try to get in 30 minutes on the train and then another when I get home for about 15 minutes. Then I commence creative work or fancy dinners out with my boyfriend (getting burritos and Corona obviously).
  2. Wake up slow. Don’t have coffee until you get to work, otherwise you’ll crash early. Then let it sink in.
  3. Five Hour Energy. This stuff works. Who knew?
  4. Try to be nice and tolerate people. This is the hardest of all. I wish you all the luck in the world. Good thing I’m like the most patient person on earth, amirite?
  5. Do something that makes you feel good and focus in the morning. Do not open your email otherwise you will want to slice everyone’s faces.
  6. Exercise. I know it seems impossible. But try to center yourself somehow.
  7. Schedule your meetings in the late afternoons. You’ll thank yourself later.

Just keep up with all these things and then sleep is really more of a convenience than a necessity. Right. Uhhhfdfdsafdfdsafdsafdsa..

Sorry, fell asleep on my keyboard. Back to work.

One thought on “Ruminations on How a 20-Something Community Manager Feels When She Sleeps Only 5 Hours Per Night

  1. Thanks for the post Carrie – spot on 🙂 I take the opposite approach though: always have 2 cups of coffee on my way to work and try to schedule my meetings early in the morning – afternoons are usually doldrums, so I do emails and writing.

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