Goal 24: Get Something Published

One of the goals that I had wanted to set for myself this year was to get something published. At the last minute, I scratched it off the list. I thought I was just setting myself up for failure by creating a goal so unattainable. It’s hard enough to get stuff published if you’re an established writer, let alone just another girl in San Francisco who loves words.

But, on a whim, I decided to write in to Wilderness Magazine about my New Years on the Tongariro Northern Circuit. This was last night. Today, I got an email from the editor-in-chief telling me that they could use what I had written in the December issue.

It just goes to show that if you just try, you’re halfway to succeeding. And if you just try to get your writing published in a New Zealand-based publication, you’re ten times more likely to get a gracious, personal response from whoever puts that publication together. It sort of made me “homesick” for New Zealand actually.

Well, anyway, I’ve completed my de facto goal number 24: get something published, anywhere, as long as it’s in print.

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