That One Book Proposal

Last summer as an editorial intern, I had the pleasure of dissecting a proposal for a fantastic book by Rosie Molinary called Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance. Now, I look over a lot of proposals in my field of work. A lot. And I always feel like I forget almost every single one of them. But this one literally changed my life. I read through each sample chapter, enjoying the premise of the book: that you should appreciate who you are – as an individual, not just as a mother, sister, friend, or girlfriend – each and every day. Then I got to a section where she suggests making a list of goals every year for your birthday. The number of goals should equal the number of years you’re turning. The idea was infectious. During my lunch break, I walked to a nearby park and wrote frantically, filling up the page with all the things I dreamed for myself. It felt substantial in a way that New Years resolutions never do. It felt necessary.

This list is the reason why I made it all the way to New Zealand, the reason why I wrote a letter to the Queen of England, the reason why I’ll be out of credit card debt next week, the reason I learned to grow squash, the reason I swam alongside a penguin, the reason I went on my first 5-day backpacking journey with my father, the reason I’ve taken surfing lessons. And that was just at age 22. Next week, I’ll be drafting 23 new goals, and I’m excited to say Rosie prompted a tradition in my life that I will never leave behind me.

Anyway, this fabulous book is finally pubbing, and I recommend it to all my girls, and all my guy friends who know girls.

You can check out the blog here.

Here’s to reaching all 23 goals and growing into an even stronger woman every year.

3 thoughts on “That One Book Proposal

  1. Carrie, Wow! I’m so glad the proposal landed on your desk and that the birthday list– which is my favorite personal tradition- resonated with you. It changed my life, too, when I came upon the idea and continues to do so, even as the look of my life and the flavor of the list changes. You’ve inspired my Wednesday blog post with this post and you’ve made a solitary writer remember the beauty of books– that they are bridges for our worlds. Wishing you a happy 23rd. Hope you’ll post some of the upcoming list here so we can check it out and be inspired!

  2. It’s so amazing to hear from you! Thanks so much! I’ll definitely be posting the new list. If it goes on the Internet, it means I HAVE to do everything on it. Can’t wait to read the book, and thank you for inspiring me to do all the things I’d never get around to doing. I’m sure your book will do the same for many more women. Best of luck and thank you for writing — not just on this post, but in general 🙂

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