A Little Bit Frenchie

My mom said to me last night that learning French is out of style. I kind of shrugged and laughed at her because it sounded so ridiculous, but then when I tried to find French classes at local colleges, I couldn’t find anything (affordable) within a 20-mile radius. I don’t understand how languages go in and out of style, but French needs to get back in there. Obviously people don’t understand how much better French words sound than 99.98% of their English translations.

In defiance, I went to the library and checked out a book on pronunciation so I could start to brush up before I visit Rebecca. I figure I’ll be on my own a lot, and I’ve forgotten how to ask where the bathroom is at a restaurant even though I have not forgotten how to say je voudrais un café s’il vous plait or je regarde un bel homme. Those are the important things in life anyway.

Photo © Premshree Pillai

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