and a strong sense of irony

I’m pretty much completely behind on music these days. I blame New Zealand for that, the lack of broadband internet, and the fact that I spent more time clearing great expanses of weeds than reading music blogs (actually, I did absolutely NONE of the latter). I did, however, have a Canadian friend who taught me to like Broken Social Scene, who I had previously just been annoyed by. I mean, the picture above is pretty annoying in itself. But the song “Pacific Theme” came on my friend’s iPod while we were picking grapes one day on the vineyards, and I was hooked. It took me right back home for a minute, even if I was in the middle of a quarter-mile-long row of sauvignon blanc grapes, the sun was beating down, and my fingers were growing numb. It felt like a long drive down 280.

I just got around to listening to their latest album, Forgiveness Rock Record, and I’m pleasantly surprised. It feels a lot more pared down and quiet. I probably wouldn’t listen to this if I were depressed, but then again I’m not doing manual labor anymore, so I don’t have to listen to peppy music to get me through the day. Anyway, that’s my lame attempt to try to get with the times. I still have a long way to go and no computer of my own with which to do it.

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