Celebrating Tiny Milestones

I have officially been home for two weeks and two hours. As of today, I can happily say that I’ve accomplished what I had hoped to accomplish in that time. Before I left New Zealand, I made two goals for myself: 1) Find a part-time job, 2) Start eating right and exercising. I have accomplished both of these things and have lost three pounds in the process (I also attribute the latter to too much coffee so that I can’t stop moving around, even when I’m sitting down). And, what’s even better, pretty much everyone I’ve talked to says I look happy and confident, which is a complete turnaround from last year.

Now to move on to my next goals: 1) Study for the GRE, 2) Write an article and get it published, 3) Read the classics I’ve been meaning to read (which also comprises new goal 1), 4) Find full-time work. The rest is for later. These are my focuses for now.

And to celebrate today’s successes:

  • Running four miles
  • Taking care of the dogs
  • Officially being hired at a job in Mountain View
  • Meeting my brother’s girlfriend from Alabama over the phone so she could hook me up with a freelance job
  • Homemade soy latte
  • Applying for a few more jobs, just in case
  • Later, creating a comprehensive GRE study plan from tomorrow until November

And coming up: I’ll be posting a list of freelance writing and editing websites that people should check out if they’re interested in applying their English degrees to the real world. Who would have ever thought that was possible? Certainly not me. But I’m starting to believe.

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